Networking is an important factor for professional growth. Whether you are an organization or individual, you always need to grow your contacts list and ultimately use this list to bring you a regular supply of new business, job connections or other growth opportunities. That is what professional networking is; it is more than just attending events to shake hands and collect business cards.

Here are some value considerations for networking from our head hunting professionals;

Networking will help you get quality referrals
We’ve all probably heard that saying, “Your network is your net worth!” and it’s true; the more people that know about you, the better your chances of being remembered when opportunities that match your skill set arise—more opportunities almost always translate into more money.

Networking gives you the opportunity to tell new people about what you do. These same people can easily refer their colleagues to you. For as long as you just don’t collect business cards and keep them on a shelf to gather dust, you are very likely to benefit from a networking event. So the next time there is a networking event, go.

Networking gives you the platform to meet and talk to highly influential people you would ordinarily not have met easily.


Sporting events are some of the best places to meet influential people who can help you learn & grow

Networking events are a hub for good advice
No matter what level you are in business, career or self-growth, an extra serving of the right advice is priceless. Being at an event where there are great mentors, entrepreneurs & career trailblazers who can advise you on what you need to do is well worth your while. This is usually advice coming from people who have walked the walk and are not just giving you opinions but rather solid knowledge drawn from their own experiences. This is knowledge you can actually use to grow your own vision.

Attending networking events helps to increase your social confidence
Professional growth largely hinges on the ability of an individual to effectively connect with people and sell their skills or value to them. Networking on a regular basis gives you the chance to constantly talk to strangers all the time and the more you do it, the better you become at talking to people. This confidence is what helps you to turn ordinary contacts into vital lasting relationships.

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