1.Focus on the things you like about your job

Whatever energy you choose to focus your thoughts on, is exactly what you will attract into your reality. It is highly unlikely that NOTHING is going well at your workplace. If that is truly how you feel, then you may need to ask yourself whether it’s the job or you with an issue. That said, by choosing to focus on the positive aspects of your current job, you build up the required motivation to come to work and give your best every day.

For example, think of how your job allows you to access the lifestyle you want or the warm personality and supportive nature of your favorite workmates or even the numerous opportunities to learn and become a better person and career professional.

A positive attitude will make any day at work more pleasant and productive for you.

2.Keep in mind that you are more than your job

“Knowing who we are and how we want to be in this world, this is what makes work fun. The way we do it — in fashion or electrical engineering or waste management — doesn’t matter as much as the awareness of self.” This amazing quote by Rena DeLevie sums up this idea nicely. Your health, both mental and physical will thank you for understanding that your job is not your identity.

When we get caught up in the daily drama of the office, we get distracted from what matters most. If you go to work every day knowing that you are more than your job, you will never run out of the energy to do good work and help others and create something bigger than what you thought you could do in spite of how terrible the conditions seem to be.

No matter how challenging the work gets or how demanding your bosses become, always remember that it is only a job and you are much BIGGER than it. In years to come, you will look back and wonder what the fuss was.

3.Be all-in on the job and completely disconnect after work

Knowing that you are more than just your job reminds you to enjoy other parts of your life without worry or stress about what happened at work. However, if you bring your work home, your family will have to endure the stress and tension that arise from work and vice versa. As a result, your work relationships will suffer and your “home-life” will take a hit too.

Home is meant to be a place where we recharge and recover from the day’s workload and stress. By going home to relax and take your mind off work you can offer your body the recharge it needs to seize the new day’s challenges and opportunities.

It’s a fact that every job in the world, no matter how amazing it appears to be on the outside will have its challenges. Because of our different personalities, employees will be affected differently, some, to the point of hating the job. It is, however, important for you always remember that being happy at work and loving what you do is an overall productivity and performance booster. Human resource management research proves that people who enjoy their jobs are more likely to be optimistic, motivated, learn faster, make fewer mistakes, and better business decisions.

It is our hope that the 3 quick tips above will help you get started on a path to make the most of your current job opportunity and if that fails, always have the courage to seek better job opportunities that match your values, expectations and personal vision.

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