So you have done your due diligence, perfected your resume, done your networking, nailed the interview. What next? Do you simply sit back and wait for the call? If this is your game plan, you might as well forget about landing your dream job. With the way the job market is today, securing a job requires you take the lead. Fortune favors the proactive. You have to go the extra mile for every job you apply for.

Recruiters don’t stop the recruitment process when they shake your hands and tell you they’ll be in touch. They go over resumes and compare interview notes extensively. What tips the balance for a particular applicant may be his or her good follow up. How do your follow up? Not thirty seconds after you’ve exited the building. Not two hours later either.

First, you sit down, reflect, appraise your interview. What went right, what didn’t? What stood out? This appraisal helps your craft a personalized and effective follow up. The next morning, send the recruiter a concise email thanking them for the opportunity to interview you and express your continued interest in the position. Highlight the moments that stood out in the interview.

In the same email, tactfully sell yourself. Talk about the position and why it’s a good fit for your professional purpose and skill set. Close by saying you look forward to hearing from the recruiter again. If the recruiter requires any additional information or documents, they shouldn’t hesitate to contact you.

In your interview, the recruiter most likely gave you a timeline estimate for when the hiring process would be finalized. If so, send another follow up email after the period has elapsed. This is usually ten to fourteen days after Initial interview. If within this time you haven’t heard from the recruiter, inquire about what stage the job placement has reached and again, express your continued interest in the placement.

Remember, don’t leave the initial interview without asking for the recruiter’s timeline. All communication should be timely and professional.

Lastly, keep in mind that just because you are qualified & you applied, there is no guarantee that you will be hired. If you don’t hear from the recruiter, despite your efforts, don’t take it personally, move on and pursue other opportunities.