A few weeks ago, a group of TASC employees came together to answer what felt like an increasingly pressing question: how could we, as a skilling, assessment and certification company, play a larger role in addressing the skilling issues that threaten professional standards at work around East Africa especially for the busy individuals and organizations?

Well, we are proud to announce that they have finally found a solution. The assessment and skilling center has launched the first short courses (1, 2, 3 & 5 days) in occupational health and safety as well as in Welding. These courses are very affordable (AS LOW AS UGX: 120,000) and all of them are delivered with internationally recognized certification. The goal is to create additional, flexible training, assessment and certification programs to help you not just get your credits, but to become a better professional practitioner and leader in your field of expertise!

If you have the ambition to get skilled, assessed or certified but are too busy to take on a full program, these short courses are an amazing consideration for you. CLICK HERE to learn more.