If you have ever engaged us through our training programs, workshops or on social media, you may already know how colorful our vision for Africa is; guess what, the prestigious Stanford University believes we are heading in the right direction too and have made the commitment to work hand in hand with us on this journey to transformation through the East Africa seed transformation programme.

Stanford University was launched in 1891 and has over the years established itself as a nest for some of the world’s greatest innovators. You may not know their names but you know their creations for example Google, Instagram, Nike and HP computers; companies that generate trillions of dollars in revenues yearly.

Our Managing Director Mr. Patrick Mbonye addresses Departmental heads from The Assessment And Skilling Center (TASC) as well as Q-sourcing Servtec at the pilot session of the STP programme


The Stanford seed transformation programme (STP) East Africa is a 12 months programme in which high potential business leaders are challenged to rethink their vision and re-engineer their strategy to create greater impact in terms of community contribution like increased jobs, government revenue and more beyond just the locale (country) but at global scale with the best possible standards. By agreeing to enroll for the STP, The Q-sourcing Servtec Group has made the commitment to nurture stronger business leaders, instill top level work ethic among employees and trainees.

The team at Stanford University believes that it is companies with strong operational models and strategic outlook like Q-sourcing Servtec which will lead Africa out of poverty and into prosperity hence our acceptance into the programme.

We are greatly honored and genuinely excited about this coming experience and the promise it brings. Stay close, we’ll keep you posted on our journey.