At Q-Sourcing Servtec, safety is more than just a priority, it’s at the core of our business strategy and we take continuous steps to ensure that safety is an integral part of our processes and guides our everyday actions by all staff members at all levels and departments of operation.

Our safety culture was born out of the belief that it would be difficult to achieve success, as we have so far, across East Africa without the trust and support of governments, civil societies, global quality standard agencies, and local populations. This trust has been earned through working safely and sustainably irrespective of the size of the project.

The efforts we have made over the years now and our cumulative experience has produced positive results. We have maintained a 0.33% incident rate for over 10 years and, the number of injuries recorded per hour worked and the number of injuries leading to lost time on projects has continued to decline.

Safety is everyone's business

Safety starts with personal accountability. We encourage employees to report any incidents or irregularities that they see.

Management is actively involved

Managers play a key role by organizing training on safety rules and procedures for new recruits as well as refresher sessions for all staff e.g. toolbox talks. In addition, managers ensure the use safety risk mapping systems to improve prevention.

Strict stakeholder adherence

Because safety is everyone’s responsibility, even our partner companies’ are held under the same expectations and standards. Safety criteria are a determining factor when we choose our partners, who are thereafter governed by strict specifications.


Although we cannot hold hands or get closer than 2 metres from one another, you can rest assured that we’re all in this TOGETHER every day!


Q-Sourcing Servtec works to continuously develop and improve the safety principles that support all of our operations. We strive to achieve a safety culture and embedded safety behaviors exceeding any legislative requirement in all the countries where we operate