Recruitment Service

For 12 years, our process has proved to be THOROUGH and allowed us to ALWAYS deliver on promises.

Process Outsourcing

We can work seamlessly within your Human resource management structure to manage the entire recruitment process or you can select expertise where you need help most e.g. sourcing, interviewing, assessment separately.

Testing & Assessment

Recruiters & HR managers can use us to identify high-potential performers and assess critical thinking skills for sound decision-making before they recruit, promote, develop and or plan succession for management and other roles.

International Recruitment

Q-Sourcing Servtec is among the very few ISO Certified recruitment companies in East Africa & is licensed to handle international labor transfer. We currently cover recruitment projects in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Featured Recruitment Clients

Reputable companies in Africa & beyond choose and retain us because we don’t just collect and connect whoever applies; our process is solid & it puts the client’s needs first

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