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Q-sourcing Servtec has been successfully sourcing, executive head hunting, interviewing, placing and managing THOUSANDS of competent employees with reputable companies in Accounting, Aviation, Banking & Financial Services, Construction & Property Management Services, Engineering & Manufacturing, administration, Information Technology, Legal practitioners, Sales & Marketing, Office Support, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences and procurement/ Supply Chain for more than a decade

The size of our business coupled with our time-tested agility allows us to tailor recruitment campaigns on a modular, retained or contingent basis to meet the needs of individual businesses and organizations

Reputable companies choose and retain us as their recruitment agency of choice because of one key factor; WE ARE THOROUGH when it comes to sourcing, vetting & qualification. We don’t just collect and connect whoever applies; we vet prospect employees & help you choose the people that fit in our clients’ vision & expectations.

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Integrated Project Mgt.

Facilities Mgt | strategy execution

We deliver project success where companies often fail – in implementation and execution. We advise on and execute your most complex initiatives so that you realize your desired results.


HRM Solutions

Man power & Welfare Management

Maximize our experienced human resource managers aided by powerful, comprehensive tech based solutions to manage payroll, benefits administration and other business-critical HR processes.

employee training at Q-souring servtec


Safety | Technical | Management

Through our training, assessment & global certification arm, Companies & individuals experience a range of training programs with standards that fit requirements the global labor market.