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Please NOTE that Q-sourcing Servtec does not charge candidates for CV banking, participation in interviews, nor employment. You are advised to be vigilant & aware of con artists claiming to be working for Q-sourcing Servtec. If anyone asks you for money in exchange for our recruitment candidate services please notify the police and our offices.

What can Q-sourcing Servtec do for me?
Q-sourcing Servtec can help you find a job & also train & reward you with relevant internationally recognized certification. We can also advise & guide you to perform better on your current career path.

How can I apply for a job through Q-sourcing Servtec?
It's simple. You can directly apply for the jobs posted on our job board by clicking the Apply Now button OR join our exclusive database of recruitment candidates to be vetted & contacted as job offer arise including the jobs that will not be advertised publicly as preferred by the employer.

What happens after I apply?

Q-sourcing Servtec recruitment team will vet & shortlist the best candidates who will then be invited to take oral, written & psychometric tests.

NOTE: given the volume of applications we receive daily, ONLY shortlisted candidates will be engaged beyond the application stage.

The interviewed candidates will then be thoroughly screened to validate academic records, references, criminal checks, employment history, medical, legal requirements. Once verified, you will be offered positions based on all the factors of your interview process.

What do I pay for your services?
Our recruitment services are provided at NO FEE to job seeking candidates. We also DO NOT use agents or representatives to source for candidates. We encourage you to report any encounter with people or organizations claiming to be acting on behalf of Q-sourcing.

How long does selection take?
Job availability changes in line with the various demands of the employers. As such, placement will not be determined by time-frame but rather by availability.

I have applied with Q-sourcing Servtec but I have never been called back, why was my application unsuccessful?
The 3 most commons reasons for unsuccessful application include;

  • Lack of price match in relation to the employer’s need & market comparison
  • Lack of experience relevant to the available jobs
  • Missing the assessment pass mark.

How can I stay informed about open positions?
Simply visit OUR JOB BOARD regularly & follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin where all Job alerts will be announced daily.

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CVs for Oil & Gas, Construction, Manufacturing & Energy

Q-Sourcing Servtec works around the world finding and connecting the best talent with organizations which: design, build, operate and maintain infrastructure, manufacture goods and products as well as those who offer supporting services in Oil and Gas, Construction, Manufacturing and energy industries.