Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked Job Seeker questions about Q-Sourcing Servtec’s services.

What can Q-Sourcing Servtec do for me?

Q-sourcing Servtec can help you find a job & also train & reward you with relevant internationally recognized certification. We can also advise & guide you to perform better on your current career path.

Where do you operate?

Q-Sourcing Servtec is present in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania & South Sudan. Visit our CONTACT page to get detailed information on how to reach us in each country

How much does it cost to get a job through QSS?

IT IS FREE! We do not require any payment for CV submission or any job placement. NOTE however that for the case of foreign jobs e.g. Asia, Europe & outside East Africa, you may incur some processing or travel costs depending on the employers’ terms.

Please GET IN TOUCH with our recruitment team for detailed information on this.

How do I apply for a job?

Step 1: Visit our JOB BOARD and view current open job positions.

Step 2: If your skills meet the specific requirements for one or more positions, click “Apply for this Job” and follow instructions on how to apply. If you don’t find a match, you can Submit Resume to us for future consideration.

Step 3: Look out for a phone call or E-mail from our recruitment specialists as soon as vetting is done.

What happens next after I submit my CV?

Wait for a call or an E-mail from our recruitment team. We shall do our best to help you land the job you want. Keep in mind however, that availability of jobs depends on client (employer) openings, their own timing and hiring process duration. While our recruiters review your information, we recommend the following next steps:

  • Keep checking our JOB BOARD for other positions & apply directly for any other positions that match your background.
  • Follow Q-Sourcing Servtec on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for real time updates & follow ups
  • Visit Level Up for some free career guidance & success tips
What should I do if I don't hear back from you after applying?

Due to the volume of applicants that Q-Sourcing Servtec receives, we would greatly appreciate your patience while our recruiters review & vet your application. You will be contacted if there is a fundamental match with an active open position.

Why should I entrust my job search to QSS?
  • Q-Sourcing Servtec has been in business for the last 13 years
  • We have helped over 12,000 job seekers find work in great companies
  • We only work with the best, most reputable companies in East Africa


We can help you differentiate yourself from other job seekers with training for new skills backed by international certification.



Help us to know & remember you to ensure that you are the first to know when new job opportunities come up



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