Michael Musinguzi joined Q-Sourcing Servtec as a project officer for industry support services in 2016. One year later (2017) he was voted employee of the year and has steadily continued to prove his worth and make his way up. He loves his football—and it’s this same competitive, result oriented persona that he brings to the office. On paper, he is a quantitative economics professional with additional post graduate qualifications in project planning & management, human resource management, finance as well as health and safety.

Michael is currently the head of business (Uganda) charged with leading operations and implementation of Q-Sourcing Servtec strategy in Uganda a role he acquired at the beginning of this year. Here’s what he had to say in a brief chat during a lunch break on life at QSS as a leader

Congrats on the promotion Michael, what has this change meant for you personally & career wise?

Thank you. I have always liked new challenges and when this opportunity came I had to take it because I have always believed in growing. I always want to move in life. I’m not comfortable being in one position for a long time, I like to be challenged and this new role has given me an opportunity to learn in different departments & get to understand how everything works in the whole unit of Q-Sourcing Servtec.

Have you noticed any big changes in how you work since the promotion?

Definitely! As head of business I get to interact with different people, I make major decisions that have to be timely sometimes using limited information so you need to be a quick thinker, a quick decision maker and you also need to know how to deal with people. People are critical for any business and how you treat them matters a lot.



What’s the toughest part about being a leader at QSS?

Q-Sourcing is a very dynamic business, we deal with very many sectors so you have to be adaptable and you also need to be able to constantly align yourself based on the clients’ need. First with yourself and then trickle all this down to your team.

What does the future look like for clients and your team in general?

I believe we shall keep striving to take away the clients pain by providing tailored solutions based on the need because that’s why we exist, and also being creative and innovative and in addition to improving the processes with ISO quality management systems.

As for the team, growth for the company means growth for you as well—we are already undergoing major programs to help us develop not just as Q-Sourcing staff but also at a personal level and I can say there will be more growth and improvement for us all going forward.