As part of our series of interviews geared at introducing you to some of the great humans that make us #BetterPeople, meet Lameki Bwambale, one of our operations support staff. Lameki will have been with the Q-Sourcing Servtec for an amazing 10 years this year. We’ve asked him a few questions, see what he had to say;

When did you join Q-Sourcing Servtec?

I started in 2009, I remember we were two candidates interviewed by MD (Mr. Patrick Mbonye) and Patricia (Ms. Patricia Masiko is currently head of business at our Kenya office). I started shortly after I was selected.

What was your role then (and now?)

I joined as an office assistant; there wasn’t much to do by then. Today, I could say it’s the same role but with much more responsibility because the company has grown greatly

What’s the biggest change you have experienced at the company so far?

The biggest change I have seen in 10 years has been the merger with the friends from France, Servtec International. In a very short time we have taken up a lot of new ways of doing things, new people have come on board and I feel we have a better way of working in general

What would you consider your best memory with a colleague at Q-Sourcing Servtec?

It has to be the time when Patricia surprised me with a massive contribution to my wedding. My wedding was a great step in life and it felt good to have the backing of a work colleague in such a big way, it made me feel very special



Any final words for young people who are just starting their careers?

Many young people today want to start and get to the top in a short period with little effort but the truth is great things take time & in every job there must be challenges. Just stay patient and honest and you will go far