Passionate, Perceptive and Persistent, those are the three words that come to mind when we think about Faith Mirembe, the head of HR, legal and compliance for Q-Sourcing Servtec group. Faith, a member of Human Resource Managers Association of Uganda, member of the governing council of Federation of Uganda Employers, member of the VI presidential technical working group for oil and gas & a member of FIDA is now also a licensed attorney at law as of 30th September.

We caught up with her today just to congratulate her and also to pick her brain on a few things “HR.” Here’s what she had to say…

When did you join Q-Sourcing Servtec?

I joined Q-Sourcing Servtec in August 2018 as the Human Resource business partner and later became head of human resource, legal and compliance for Q-Sourcing group

What has been your experience with QSS so far?

It’s both exciting and challenging. The exciting bit is the people; it’s a great team. We had a “great place to work employee survey” recently and the responses were largely positive so I’m sure my colleagues can agree with me on this. Great people, great policies. For the challenges, it’s nothing out of the ordinary but we always handle them together and move on.

The right way to address you today is “Counsel Faith,” congratulations on this achievement!


Head of human resource, legal and compliance for Q-Sourcing group, Faith Mirembe is now a licensed attorney at law. CONGRATS FAITH!

Yes!!! Thank you, I’m counsel Faith, an advocate of the high court as of September 30th 2019 so I’m now a licensed lawyer who can represent companies and individuals in courts of law. For me it is definitely a life-changing event especially career-wise because I feel I can now do more to protect and solve issues for people. I’m truly excited about it.

In your experience over the years, how was HR evolved?

I have been in the Human resource management game for close to 10 years now; and over the years I’ve noticed 3 main drastic changes. First is technology which is forcing businesses to automate as many processes and roles as possible. Second is that the scope and expectations of the position continue to evolve, a typical HR’s value is seen through more than just people management—you have to know your analytics, budgeting etc. The third  is that people relations and employee preference has changed. Successful businesses today are more inclined to building an inclusive company culture where people’s opinions and contributions are valued and instilled in a fun place to work

What advice do you have for aspiring Human resource management professionals?

You need to find your niche and strive to be the best at it. It also helps to adopt principles that inspire you to do better—be intentional in your habit, networking and any other choice you make. Lastly always keep it at the back of your mind that the world will never stop changing; always be on the lookout and stay relevant

Any last words?

For my QSS Family, I love you guys and I believe we are destined for better. My achievements are your achievements. Thanks to management, Mr. Patrick Mbonye for the opportunity to work here and for being supportive—THANK YOU!