The best companies in the world aren’t interested in recruiting “generalists.” No matter what the job position is, the candidate they would prefer to hire is a specialist because according to most human resource managers, a specialist can do most everything a generalist can do, but with an added advantage of doing one thing really, really well.

Most companies hire character (and passion) because skills can be trained

In addition, recruiters look for people who are truly passionate about what they do because they are the ones who are likely to do a better job, stay engaged with their work, and stick around for a while.

This is exactly why every career counselor, recruiter, and hiring manager tells you to tailor your CV and to the position you are applying for—so that it’s clear to whoever reads it that you are a specialist who’s passionate about and skilled in a specific area of expertise not just a job hunter who will run to the next best opportunity.

You will make it easier for people to help you

Here’s an example: imagine having a conversation with a relative at a party & you want to tell them about your current job hunt; if you say, “I’ll take any job I can!” and this relative doesn’t know anyone who’s immediately hiring, that’s where the conversation will end. But if you say, “I’m really interested in a sales & marketing job in an insurance company,” your relative can immediately think about people they know in those types of roles—and at least connect you with them for a meeting or interview.

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