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changes in the workplace

How to Deal with Changes at work

At any one time, management can vote to make significant change for the better of the organization. Changes at your work place can be a downsizing exercise, a decision to reinvent a product or service, a merger like the one we had here at Q-sourcing in 2017 with Servtec International Group, relocation, acquisition

Q-sourcing Servtec Group Staff leaders from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & South Sudan

STP: A Seed planted for a brighter future

If you have ever engaged us through our training programs, workshops or on social media, you may already know how colorful our vision for Africa is; guess what, the prestigious Stanford University believes we are heading in the right direction too

job search advice

What to do after a job rejection

No matter what stage you are in the job search, it’s likely that rejection will knock on your door. For some it’s once, others multiple times and for others, so far—always!


How to stop overloading your best workers

For an ambitious manager who wants the best results, it is common sense to always give the task to your best employee; they naturally become your ‘first choice’ and more often than not, they deliver. Unfortunately, like everyone else, they only have 24 hours


How to get a job with no experience

Searching for a Job without any relevant work experience can be very hard and frustrating but not entirely impossible; think about it, in order to get 10 years of experience you must have started somewhere right? So how do you get started, here are a few recommendations;

Laura and Diana CSR

CSR: Job hunting basics

Challenges worldwide, a Scottish Development Charity in partnership with Interaid Uganda invited our team to enlighten refugees on employability skills at a social impact event on Thursday 7th December 2017.