• Full Time
  • Kenya



  • As a Logistics Assistant, you will to provide technical expertise in logistics management, including subject matter such as distribution planning, quantification, material requirements planning, inventory management, and product quality assurance


  1. Coordinate the department’s technical assistance and training to field offices in the aforementioned subject matter areas;
  2. Maintain and update policies and procedures for inventory and logistics manual(s);
  3. Provide technical assistance in the clarification and implementation of policies and procedures;
  4. Provide guidance, as needed, on policies, procedures, and expectations on inventory and logistics;
  5. Develop innovative capacity-building tools and resources so that logistics, inventory, and planning/forecasting improves;
  6. Act as primary contact for external inventory and logistics partners;
  7. Help to develop and implement a logistics management information system;
  8. Lead corporate communications on the importance of achieving international minimum standards in inventory, logistics and tracking inventory;
  9. Monitor impact of any new inventory and distribution policy/procedure changes to constantly improve ease of adoption of policies and procedures;
  10. Coordinate requests from platforms/other departments to build capacity in inventory, logistics, forecasting, and distribution planning using innovative approaches and sustainable performance improvement; and
  11. Consult on performance improvement processes in inventory, logistics, and planning/forecasting as needed, to help other departments identify the root cause of performance issues and recommend solutions


  1. Diploma in Supply Chain & Logistics, or a relevant business-related degree
  2. Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in inventory and logistics in manufacturing with an emphasis on distribution (supply management) planning and implementation
  3. Demonstrated proficiency with forecasting/material requirement planning tools and inventory tracking
  4. Experience in warehousing and inventory management.
  5. Must demonstrate high integrity and ethical practice
  6. Must demonstrate the ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
  7. Must be a team player who can work cordially in teams
  8. Must demonstrate the ability to multitask.
  9. Must demonstrate commitment to operational effectiveness
  10. Highly analytical and excellent negotiation skills

Application procedure:

Interested and qualified applicants should submit their applications through the link below.


Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Q-Sourcing Servtec is an equal opportunity employer. Any solicitation will lead to disqualification

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