JOB TITLE: DOSI MANAGER (Department of Organization, Systems, and Information)

About This Job:

Q-Sourcing Limited trading as Q-Sourcing Servtec is a manpower management solutions firm operating in the East African Region in the countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

Job Role Description

Our client in the retail industry is looking to fill the role of a DOSI Manager. The DOSI Manager will be responsible for overseeing and maintaining the business operations and related policies and processes in the assigned store. The role holder is also responsible for ensuring the alignment of store operations with company objectives. Additionally, the Store DOSI Manager is responsible for managing effective IT helpdesk services and facilitating the efficient resolution of incident requests as per the required standards and defined guidelines. The role holder is also responsible for ensuring the functionality of other IT aspects such as hardware and software, IT security and network, IT assets, and IT vendors.

Roles and responsibilities

Planning, Policies and Procedures

  1. Ensure the business cycle reports are accurate and the filing is done according to the standard procedures
  2. Aid in the development and review of an action plan according to the strategic priorities of the store and oversee its implementation
  3. Ensure the implementation of all policies and procedures in line with the strategy at the store level and recommend areas for improvement when needed
  4. Anticipate future risks and implement plans to ensure the business operations remain risk-averse
  5. Implement the security and safety procedures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of company data

Audit and Reporting

  1. Ensure daily indicator reports are communicated to the concerned section
  2. Oversee the development and maintenance of monthly reports of key business indicators and propose corrective measures
  3. Conduct periodic audits of the warehouse/selling area and develop related action plans if required
  4. Audit the business in terms of waste management, internal sales, and returned items
  5. Ensure pricing and labeling of items within the store are correct and product arrangements follow the set planogram
  6. Ensure staff and merchandisers are adhering to company policies in terms of behavior and uniforms

Ordering and Supplier Management

  1. Manage the overall store ordering process and ensure synergies between the different functions
  2. Plan the orders made by the commercial departments
  3. Supervise and ensure LPOs are done correctly, transmitted to suppliers, and received on time
  4. Monitor and take necessary action on the main indicators (Zero Stock, Leaflet Out of Stock)
  5. Ensure that the suppliers adhere to the service level agreement
  6. Maintain professional, impartial, and efficient relationships with suppliers and internal managers

IT Helpdesk Management

  1. Ensure efficient user support regarding the installation of laptops, printers, networks, telephone, fax, and other related hardware
  2. Co-ordinate with end-users and get to support and resolve any IT issues in a timely manner
  3. Ensure appropriate follow-up on incidents until closure to ensure all incidents are resolved effectively

Hardware and Software Support

  1. Oversee the Installation and configuration of new computer resources including hardware, software, and applications
  2. Oversee regular checks to ensure the hardware and software are fully functional
  3. Ensure preventive maintenance is done for all devices under the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

IT Security and Network Support

  1. Ensure the correct installation and monitoring of IT security systems and tools to maintain and ensure high-level security across all IT systems
  2. Ensure implementation of the IT security procedures and guidelines to ensure the protection and confidentiality of all company data

IT Assets

  1. Maintain overall IT asset inventory management including purchases, disposals, and transfers in coordination with the Head Office

IT Vendors and Contracts

  1. Coordinate with vendors and suppliers to ensure that relevant tasks are carried out in line with the service level agreement of all IT maintenance contracts

Human Capital Responsibilities

  1. Assist in the implementation of the performance management process by setting objectives, monitoring performance, and providing constructive feedback and provide inputs to senior management
  2. Provide mentorship for the purpose of developing a continuous talent pipeline for key roles
  3. Provide inputs on training needs and coordinate with the HC department to ensure the facilitation of training requirements
  4. Provide inputs for the development of an annual manpower plan
  5. Ensure the implementation of the Retail’s corporate policies and relevant procedures

Minimum Qualifications.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in administration, Commerce, Business Management Computer Science, Information Technology, or relevant equivalent
  2. 3+ years in a relevant role, 2+ years in a supervisory role, and preferably in the retail industry

Skills & competences

  1. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  2. Strong initiative drive and organizational skills
  3. Highly organized with strong multitasking skills
  4. Good problem-solving skills
  5. Good project management skills

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