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Chief Executive Officer

Africa Union of Architects (AUA)


POSITION TITLE: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)                                         Date: January 2020

SECRETARIAT: Head Secretariat of AUA

RESPONSIBLE TO:  AUA Secretary-General

STATUS (Full time, Part-time, Temporary): Full Time

The Africa Union of Architects (AUA) seeks an exceptional leader with extensive experience in leadership, superior management and organization skills and an outstanding vision for the future of the union that is consistent with its strategic focus. As chief executive officer of AUA, she/he will bring energy, vitality, and innovation to the position and the overall AUA society.

Founded in 1981, The Africa Union of Architects has a primary mission of uniting architects from all over the continent regardless of nationality, race, religion or doctrine, and to federate their national organizations. The benefits being to enable architects in Africa to have a truly Africa collective expression on matters pertaining to architecture, built environment and other related activities.

Initially, the AUA was made up of delegations from 23 countries. Today, it regroups the key professional organizations in 41 countries, thereby representing over 50000 architects. In parallel with the development of major intergovernmental institutions with which it maintains close relations, the AUA has become an accomplished non-governmental organization and an incomparable professional network of architects.


The Chief Executive Officer will be reporting to the SG and regional councils. She/he will be responsible for leading the organization toward achieving its mission in the coordination, promotion, delivery, and support of high-quality programs and services that address the needs of AUA’s targeted members.

Responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer

  1. Maintains and utilizes a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field of Architecture. Identifies areas of intervention and capacity building needs which should be addressed by AUA and presents such recommendations and secretariat-coordinated implementation plans in a timely fashion to the AUA council. Plans, organizes, implements and monitors international and regional activities undertaken by the union in coordination with the constitution and plans approved by the council.
  2. Is responsible for financial health and financial accountability of AUA. Presents for council approval annual operating and long-range strategic plans and an annual budget that meets the financial requirements set by the council. Directs and actively monitors the implementation of the approved plans.
  3. Leads the union’s fund-raising and member states contribution efforts are responsible for successful support of superior programming, council meetings, and affiliated organizational logistics by promoting goals set by the council in different settings.
  4. Directs the operations of the union to produce maximum benefit for its members; provides cost-effective, professional management of AUA beneficiaries and other assets of the organization. Supports a working environment and professional relationship which attracts, retains, and motivates a diverse, highly qualified professional growth. It is responsible for an annual strategic plan of the union.
  5. Assures that the union communicates clearly, effectively and regularly with its internal and external constituencies, including existing and potential members. Is responsible for accurately and timely preparation of legal, contractual, auditing and other essential reports for the union. Is responsible for the timely filing of legal documents and meeting all legal requirements.


  1. A strong record  of senior-level management experience including at least 3-5 years  with a recognized and reputable institution or an organization with an international scope, being an architect by profession could be an added value;
  2. Commitment to the advancement of the union and its mission.
  3. A  proven work relationship record in a professional setting
  4. Commitment to maintaining strong relationships with members, other international cooperation and relevant professional development partners.
  5. International field-based experience and/or experience in the architecture professional programs;
  6. Knowledge of relevant global affairs issues and policies concerning the architectural profession;  
  7. A passion for making a significant contribution to the wellbeing of members.
  8. A track record of and dedication to promoting a work environment characterized by innovation, creativity, teamwork, transparency, integrity, and respect, and which values inclusiveness and diversity.
  9. Proven ability to provide effective leadership to staff at all levels and from different cultural backgrounds.
  10. Demonstrated strategic agility and ability to operationalize the vision and mission of the union; commitment to the strategic leadership of AUA in the context of the international professional cooperation.
  11. Excellent communication skills including public speaking, writing and listening.
  12. AUA is multinational professional cooperation, the reason why the candidate should be able to fluently speak and write both English and French, plus speaking Arabic and Portuguese would be an added advantage
  13. Record of maintaining a strong and productive relationship with the council

Interested candidates should submit their complete cv and an application letter addressed to the Senior President of the Union to the following email {JOBSRWANDA@QSOURCING.COM] jobsrwanda@qsourcing.com not later than 27th January 2020