It’s so easy to tell when your friend has just said yes to a marriage proposal. Her glow is obvious, her energy elevated and of course she starts walking around with a new swag. Well, we are a step ahead of that girl, WE ARE MARRIED!! It’s official- Q-sourcing is now a member of the Servtec International Group and by now you’ve surely noticed the change in our demeanor as well; the new logo, the revamped name, the improved attitude around the office and more.

Servtec International Group is recognized internationally for its services in Global Human Resource Management, Fire safety, HSE Training and SHEQ Services. Based in Paris France, the group has subsidiaries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.



So what does this marriage mean?
This merger means that Q-sourcing Servtec now has a “coast to coast” presence in Africa with the capacity to supply and manage thousands of people and projects world-wide simultaneously.

The new firm, now named Q-sourcing Servtec will give companies and job seekers across Africa a more innovative and more competitive portfolio. It is obvious that the global marketplace for business process outsourcing including but not limited to project management & manpower services has changed significantly over the past few years, with dominant international players affecting market dynamics.

In a nutshell, now is a great time to be part of the Q-sourcing family be it as a client, project employee or a well-wisher, good things are in store.