You cannot control how many job opportunities come up in a day; you can’t even control how many of those opportunities turn into actual jobs for you. However, there is one thing you can AND SHOULD always control & that is your attitude. Your attitude while you search for a job can be summed up in how you act and the way you choose to think

On our facebook page, people post complaints about how “they always apply & never get hired” and others conclude by saying “I don’t know if I will ever get a job.” To be fair, a job seeker’s frustration is understandable; here you are with all your qualifications and willingness to work but somehow you can’t catch a break.

Stop; take a breath & think, how is a bad attitude on top of scarce opportunities going to sweeten the situation?

Whether you like it or not, your attitude signals your mindset, values and possible behavior in the workplace. People with “big egos” i.e. the ones who think they are too good to be rejected or the arrogant ones who think just because they are in need they MUST receive as well as the ones with little or no self-awareness i.e. blind to the fact that they are pushing too hard or insulting others in the name of getting what they want are most likely hard to manage, are often ineffective leaders & terrible employees.

It’s VERY IMPORTANT that as a job seeker you do everything you can to keep the negativity of the process from affecting your attitude. Negative attitude will make you feel defeated and hopeless & whether you like it or not, it will start to show even as you approach potential employers for example writing to a company to vent that they never called you back in spite of a notice that “only successful candidates will be contacted” is reassurance to them that you will be a trouble maker with a high sense of entitlement.

Stay positive. Stay humble. Stay focused.