Experts estimate the average job posting receives between 250 – 500 applications; with some reaching nightmarish figures in the thousands especially Public Service jobs. Despite these scary statistics, successful candidates still get hired daily.

How? Good internship records, soft skills, a postgraduate no other applicant has? Yes, those are contributing factors, but no factor threads the competition better and faster than an applicant’s demonstrated level of clarity– how they define their professional purpose (the “Career Objective” section in tour resume)

A good professional purpose shows what a candidate wants to achieve with the company, how they want to achieve it and how they plan to advance their career path. If you’ve been applying for jobs and not getting any positive response, chances are your professional purpose isn’t impressive enough to stir the recruiter to pick you from the slush pile of applications.

This however can be remedied:

1. Get Clarity.
Define what a successful career means to you? How you can use your particular skill set to do more for your company? Ask how you can shape your day to day to give you most fulfillment? What this boils down to is you defining your career to a point where your job is about more than just making money or completing tasks. Recruiters are drawn to applicants who are driven by passion and can align their skill set with goals the company ultimately wants to achieve.

2. Express it!
Don’t be shy about your professional purpose, however profound or plain it is. If you’re fortunate enough to score the interview, endeavors to express it. The perfect opportunity comes when the recruiter asks you to introduce yourself. Weave your purpose into the introduction. You’ll stand out if you articulate how the job’s values align with your purpose. For example, “I’d like to lead the marketing department because I’m passionate about designing and spearheading the brand’s communication strategy in a way that helps consumers chose the best product for their families.”

The statement above is better than saying, “I want to work for this company because it’s a market leader” Basically, be yourself! Find your purpose and weave it into all elements of the job search. If you’re genuine about your purpose, your passion and authenticity will shine through and eventually accelerate your job placement.

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