Through the assessment and skilling center, the team at QSS Uganda completed a 3-day training on First Aid at work. This engagement is only the beginning as plans are in place to have continuous reviews and step-ups on safety subject matter in the future. A special round of applause for Lorna & Rebecca who have been entrusted to be our on-site First Aiders at the Q-Sourcing Servtec Uganda office.


Safety is the NUMBER ONE priority on all work-sites where Q-Sourcing Servtec operates. It’s important to note that whether employees work in a high-hazard or low-hazard environment, they face a variety of risks, for example, shock, bleeding, food/substance poisoning, burns, temperature extremes, musculoskeletal injuries, bites and stings, medical emergencies and so much more.

If your employees aren’t prepared to handle these types of situations and their coworkers are left untreated while you wait for an ambulance, their condition may worsen and injuries can become far worse, which leads to greater medical costs and lost productivity. It is therefore a good business decision to provide first aid and appropriate training to all your employees.

By making such a minimal investment in keeping your employees safe and well-trained, you position yourself better for more productivity, staff satisfaction & ultimately—PROFIT!

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