If you’re looking for work in the technical or vocational space, you need to create a CV that highlights your skills and shows recruiters and hiring managers that you are the right person for the job.

In a nutshell, here are some quick CV writing tips for technical and vocational professionals:
Your CV should provide relevant information to employers on why you are suitable for the job. For example, begin your CV content by outlining any key achievements, skills and career goals. This is an opportunity to tell the employer/recruiting company why they should consider you for the position. Additionally, if you have any core industry experience or proficiency in any particular hardware tools then you should prominently talk about these from the on-set.

Remember to also include a key skills section where you focus on your technical experience and include some computer programs and software that you are certified in like Microsoft, accounting and more; these days, even the jobs that were purely “handy” in the past might require you to apply some computing skills so whenever you have the opportunity, pick up some computer skills

Lastly, give specific examples of any projects you have worked on, how successful they were, the contribution that you made to the team or company objective as this will help to bring your key skills to life in the eyes of the hiring manager.

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