Dear colleagues and staff of Q-Sourcing Servtec Group

As we are all aware, these are times of uncertainty that are causing great stress and discomfort. I also acknowledge that our services to clients in telecommunication, manufacturing, and logistics, are most critical at a time like this and due to the nature of this work, we cannot operate remotely. We have therefore implemented safety guidelines for employees on-site across East Africa.

In summary, the guidelines are:


  • Wash hands with soap & water or hand sanitizers several times daily
  • Do not shake hands with anyone
  • Avoid touching surfaces with unwashed hands
  • Avoid close contact with persons at work. Be at least a meter apart.
  • In case of sneeze or cough, use a tissue and throw it away in a bin
  • Do not share any items that encounter the mouth such as cups and bottles.
  • Do not touch eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid meetings especially in closed spaces
  • All surfaces and equipment should be regularly cleaned with disinfectant (soap, Dettol& other human disinfecting agents).
  • Any staff with mild flu, cough, or fever MUST consult a doctor OR contact official health ministry contacts & World Health Organization (WHO) recommended contacts.
  • All staff MUST stay rehydrated and observe the recommended safety measures.
  • All staff traveling upcountry MUST follow the above recommendations
  • Maintain recommended usage of personal protective equipment (including Masks)
  • AVOID unnecessary movements within the workplace and hometowns and villages


We, as management, are meeting daily to inspect employee numbers at our project/client sites and working to identify additional ways to improve on the already institutionalized safety measures during this period and beyond. As part of the measures in place, we have stocked up and maintained an issuance ledger for personal protective equipment (including face masks) and commit to continue executing the frequency schedule to the letter.

I am fully focused on continuously updating our Business Continuity Plan, and wish to reassure you of management’s continuous pursuit for improvements and opportunities to keep you all, in useful employment and a safe environment.

At this time, I appreciate that we are all stressed about the potential spread of the virus to our families, friends and the local community, but can only advise that we pay attention to the behavioral changes we have been advised to adhere to by the Ministry of Health, and World Health Organization guidelines.

We wish the sick a quick recovery and put the situation into our prayers or divine wisdom during these difficult times.

Please stay safe.

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