The employee of the year award at Q-Sourcing Servtec serves to distinguish potential and hardworking employees and to recognize their skills and performance in order to encourage and motivate other employees. They are viewed as role models for their peers and colleagues and a source of inspiration for new recruits.

2019 has been Francis Luberenga’s year. Francis joined us in August 2016 as an internal auditor and later moved to the Finance department as Payables and later receivables Accountant, a position he holds to this day.

Meet Francis Luberenga, employee of the year 2019!…

Congratulations Francis, what do you think have you done differently this year that has made you award worthy?

Thank you, I think what has made me award worthy is that I always execute my roles by the book (JD). I also try hard to find out the people’s pain in regards to my role and do my best to ease that pain. Finance is an important role in QSS, for example one of QSS’s business lines involves payroll management where payments need not to be delayed. So I had to do alot of planning and also working in hand with the rest of the finance team to make sure that collections are done early enough so that payments are also made on time.

I also built solid relationships with suppliers and vendors which were beneficial for the company. The other important thing is the the team support. I had a strong team behind me where we could support and advise each other where need be and I’m thankful for that.


Francis with colleagues Lisa & Robert during the 2019 MTN Marathon


What are some of the resolutions you are setting for yourself come 2020?

2020 comes when I have just started a new role (Accountant Receivables). It’s quite a challenging role because it deals with collections from clients. Therefore my first resolution is to try to harness this role by performing better at it by collecting due and overdue monies from clients.

Another resolution is to build a strong team around me to be able to seamlessly perform my duties and also foster the effectiveness of the whole Finance Department.

The other resolution is for my personal development to gain more knowledge and understanding in relation to my career which will help me perform better and to help the company solve finance related problems.

What advice do you have for young people starting out in finance?

The advice I can give the young people starting in Finance is for them to give time to understand the role, to cultivate integrity as its key in Finance, to execute their tasks diligently and to be patient as they continue to develop in the role. The young finance practitioners should know that Finance is one of the core functions of the Company and every decision made should be made with caution

Final thoughts?

Congratulatory Photo moment employee of the year francis luberenga with Q-Sourcing Servtec group CEO Mr. Patrick Mbonye


Finally I’d like to thank management for the opportunity. Execution hasn’t been seamless but I will continue putting my best effort forward. I would also want to thank my workmates for their support and guidance that has made me reach this far.

Congratulations Francis!! May 2020 be even greater.