Why recruiters ignore your CV

Imagine you have spent hours writing what you think is the perfect resume/CV, only for it to be consistently ignored by hiring managers & recruitment companies. Suddenly the frustration kicks in and you are tempted to hurl insults at every company you have ever...

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TASC unveils short courses

A few weeks ago, a group of TASC employees came together to answer what felt like an increasingly pressing question: how could we, as a skilling, assessment and certification company, play a larger role in addressing the skilling issues that threaten professional...

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Look for a specific job, not just “any job”

The best companies in the world aren’t interested in recruiting “generalists.” No matter what the job position is, the candidate they would prefer to hire is a specialist because according to most human resource managers, a specialist can do most everything a...

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How to dress for success on your next job interview

Most times, another person’s perception of you is based on how you look. Although dressing and grooming appropriately may not get you the job, it will give you a competitive edge and help to make a positive first impression. No matter what, always dress professionally...

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How to write a winning CV

What is a Curriculum Vitae? A curriculum vitae (CV) is the story of your life presented with a professional perspective Why is your CV important? Most recruiters derive your “first impression” from your CV. Most job advertisements will ask for a CV to be attached to...

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CV mistakes that make you miss jobs

Many candidates miss jobs today not because they lack sufficient expertise, skill or work specific experience but because their curriculum vitae lacks contentment. Remember a CV is the first impression you give an employer; the fewer the mistakes the higher the chance...

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