Why networking is important for you

Networking is an important factor for professional growth. Whether you are an organization or individual, you always need to grow your contacts list and ultimately use this list to bring you a regular supply of new business, job connections or other growth...

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The best questions to ask your interviewer

“Do you have any questions for us?” For most job candidates, this is a question that catches them off guard and more often than not, they say they do not have any questions. Every job candidate needs to ask questions not only to learn about the position but to also...

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4 crucial “Don’ts” at a job interview

If you get a job interview with a leading recruiter or reputable company, it's not enough to have a sparkling CV. You'll also need to know how to conduct yourself correctly to ensure you make a good impression. Here are four common ones we’ve noticed many missing...

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CVs for Oil & Gas, Construction, Manufacturing & Energy

Q-Sourcing Servtec works around the world finding and connecting the best talent with organizations which: design, build, operate and maintain infrastructure, manufacture goods and products as well as those who offer supporting services in Oil and Gas, Construction,...

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Why you are stuck in the same job for too long

You have been in the same job or position for the last five or ten years. New people have been hired and promoted and some are now your bosses. Well, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, something is wrong most likely with you. And you need to do something...

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3 ways to improve your influence as a manager

Many companies offer training for new management, tackling issues like human resource management and company policies but few of these organizations provide instruction on how to lead and influence those they manage. The best workplace leaders agree that the most...

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