According to the Kenya Institute of management (K.I.M) Leadership and Diversity Research report 2017, women representation in listed companies’ board room has gone up by 75 percent in the last five years. 4 out of the 52 sampled listed companies have female chairpersons which is a 7.7 percent female representation.

While 7.7% seems like a small number, it is still better than the global average of 4 percent. In addition, at least 25% female board members were seen to have a positive influence on financial performance with a compounded annual growth rate of assets and revenues. The KIM report highlighted that Kenya is a trailblazer in not only developing markets but even in comparison to advance markets on matters of board diversity.



This is an important step in the right direction but there’s still a lot more work to do for example, the report revealed that women representation in senior management was a quarter meaning 1 woman for every 3 men in the senior management teams. In fact 4 organizations of the 44 (sampled in this category) had no single woman in the team meaning that there was no effective women leadership pipeline.

The Q-Sourcing Servtec situation

Q-Sourcing Servtec Kenya is right up the alley on opening doors for women and letting them shine at the top!


Rita W. Ndonye, chairperson on QSS Kenya’s board champions “BEING EACH OTHERS KEEPER IN A WORK PLACE”

The chairperson of our board for example is a woman, Mrs. Rita W. Ndonye, a professional in Health and Safety and has over 20 years’ experience in managing training and developing integrated health, safety, environment and quality functions in the manufacturing industry and public sector.

Q-Sourcing servtec, not just in Kenya but also in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Sudan has built and maintained its reputation as an equal opportunity employer who has impacted and transformed communities and continuously improves the quality of life for women in the job market.

Our presence in the region and partnerships with global companies has opened opportunities to the teams with in our database and talent profile offering job opportunities in Africa, Asia, and Middle East for ambitious women who are ready to work.



On my part, leading as the country manager is an experience that has humbled me, I am excited to be a part of the change we are making to individuals lives; changing one, changing a community with the aim of being a part of an African story of creating socio-economic opportunities in Africa.

I believe my contribution is to ensure all staff that go through our process receive a memorable positive experience and am happy to be a part of this QSS Legacy.