The team spent most of December doing what family does during the festive season; reaching out to share the love and spend some time with the great guys and girls creating magic on our clients’ project sites.

One of the reasons we are keen on vetting the kind of people we put on our clients’ projects is because essentially we are also vetting people to add to our family. For us, it’s not just about taking your CV and dumping you on some project until it’s time to drop or replace you. We want to be on the same page with you at all times; to share the tears and joys equally, to fully understand each other.

Led by our managing director Mr. Patrick Mbonye, we managed to meet, greet and share meals and smiles with the hardworking fellows across the country. Below is a quick pictorial on how it happened; follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for more photos and details on this amazing tour