Human beings are naturally social creatures and we always want to be positively connected to others. Unfortunately, the hardships of the professional world and our different personality types makes it difficult to be well-liked by everybody all the time. Be that as it may, we know 4 easy “strategies” you can use to make yourself just a little more likable:

Address people by their name.

Calling someone by name makes him/her feel special, and shows that you’re interested in him/her as an individual, not just in the context of a need based on their job title. For example, a manager who walks by someone’s desk and shouts, “Hey, I need that report by end of day today” has a very different impact compared to one who stops by for a moment and says, “Hey Ronald. How are you? Do you think I could have that report from you by end of today?”

Strive to look for the positives in every situation.

Avoid the habit of bringing up your negative feelings about every situation even though the situation itself might be unfavorable. This habit is a sure way to alienate your coworkers and bring the entire mood of the office down. It is better to always look for the bright side; make comments about the positive elements of each situation you encounter, and walk around with a smile on your face. This simple change will inspire people to associate you with positive thoughts and positive emotions, and you’ll be more well-liked as a result.

Always ask for help and be ready to help when asked

All of us are naturally programmed to recognize and feel better about those who help us as well as the people we help. The more you help other people–and the more they help you–the stronger your bonds will become and the more likable you’ll be. Always make an effort to help people who need your assistance, and never be afraid to ask for a favor of your own.

Don’t be overly competitive

Most of us have encountered that workmate who. for example, wants to claim credit for a group project, makes it a point to sabotage others’ efforts, bad mouths colleagues in their absence just to make them look inferior and so on. It’s a fact that most high growth companies nurture a highly competitive environment where workers are constantly competing for promotions, recognition, and sometimes just for pride. This is alright to a certain level; it soon becomes toxic the moment you get consumed with CRUSHING everyone every time. Your workmates will shy away from you and those who are more sensitive will begin to resent you.

Being well-liked means you’ll work better as a team, you’ll have more help when you need it, and you might even have a better chance at getting that promotion if there’s an office full of people rooting for you. What has been your experience with your workmates? What qualities do you feel make them likable or not? Let us know in the comment section below.