If you get a job interview with a leading recruiter or reputable company, it’s not enough to have a sparkling CV. You’ll also need to know how to conduct yourself correctly to ensure you make a good impression. Here are four common ones we’ve noticed many missing lately;

Don’t arrive too early
If you arrive too early for your interview, you will force yourself to sit nervously in full view in a waiting area. Worse still, you may be forced to “hide” in your car as you wait which is quite awkward as well. The best approach is to plan to arrive 10 minutes earlier than your interview appointment time. 10 minutes early is enough time to settle in & calm yourself while staying fresh & sharp as well.

Don’t ignore “gate keepers”
Gate keepers in this case goes beyond just the guy with a gun at the gate. The “gate keeper” is anyone you meet on your way to the boss or the interview panel; it could be the janitor, the receptionist, the chauffer etc. Engage everyone at the interview venue with the same level of respect & interest. There are times when random staff members are asked for their opinion about you after you have left.

This is because seasoned recruiters know that every candidate will go out of their way to put on a show in front of an interview panel & yet be a totally different person with others; especially those they consider “juniors.”

Don’t dress too casually
There’s a common saying, “dress the way you want to be addressed.” You might be surprised to know that there are job candidates who dress like it’s a trip to the beach, a trip to the park for a picnic with family and friends, or like they were going out on a leisurely day of errands. Just so we’re clear, business casual is an acceptable form of dressing but business casual can mean different things at different companies, cities, and industries. The key here is to understand what the standards are on the particular job you are trying to land.

Don’t get too comfortable
As human beings, it’s natural to let our guard down when things start to “feel good.” This is made worse by the multiple quotes & articles that tell us to “always be ourselves.” There’s nothing wrong with being authentic but in the professional world, it’s best to be who you are supposed to be rather than who you are—for purposes of clarity, this doesn’t mean you should lie and act out, it simply means that you should exercise discipline and keep your behavior within the boundaries of professionalism. If you appear too relaxed, you may unintentionally create the impression that you don’t really care whether you get the job.

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